Interior Design Glossary

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Dado – The lower part of an interior wall, which has been treated with decoration.


Dentils – A small square block used in series in Ionic, Corinthian, Composite, and, more rarely, Doric cornices.

Descriptive Specification

Descriptive Specification – Describes, often in intricate detail, the materials, workmanship, manufacture methods, and installation of the obligatory goods.

Design Development Phase

Design Development Phase – Involves the preparation of all final plans, presentation graphics, and specifications required to explain design concepts to the client.

Dichroic Glass

Dichroic Glass – A thin metallic coating on any type of glass. This coating is applied at a high temperature in a vacuum chamber.

Die Forming

Die Forming – The process of placing metal between two steel dies or stamps and squeezing them together under high pressure. The process shapes and strengthens the metal.

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging – Refers to the creation, manipulation, and production of images by use of computer technology, including software printers.


Diptych – Artwork on two panels that are hung together. Historically, a hinged, two-paneled painting or bas-relief.

Direct Labor

Direct Labor – The time the various employees spend directly involved in the generation of the revenues of the firm.


Doric – Featuring a fluted, tapered shaft and a square abacus capital, the Doric column is the simplest of the architectural orders.

Double-Hung Window

Double-Hung Window – A window with two vertical sliding sashes, that can be raised and lowered independently of each other.

Dovetail joint

Dovetail joint – A joint where a mortise and tenon combine to form a solid structure. Created entirely from wood.


Drapery – One of the most common types of window covering in residential and commercial interiors.


Dyke – An igneous intrusion, rather like a wall, into the surrounding rocks.

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