Interior Design Glossary

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Igneous – Rocks which have solidified from a molten state.


Igneous – Rocks which have solidified from a molten state.


Ilfochrome – A trademarked photographic paper and the process of making prints with such paper. Ilfochrome prints are produced from slides or transparencies, not color negatives.


Illuminance – The density of luminous flux incident of a surface in lumens per unit area.

Impact Noise

Impact Noise – Sound resulting from direct contact of an object with a sound barrier, can occur on any surface, but it generally occurs on a floor and ceiling assembly.


Impasto – A thick, uneven surface texture achieved by applying paint with a brush or palette knife.


Incalmo – The glassblowing technique used to create horizontal or vertical bands of color by forming and connecting cylinders or colored glass.


Inclusions – Particles of metal, bubbles, etc., that occurs within glass or is added for decorative effect.


Inglenook – A recess for a bench seat or two next to a fireplace. Popular in Shingle style and Craftsman homes.


Inlay – A decorating technique in which an object is incised with a design, a colorant is pressed into the incisions, and the surface is then scraped to confine the colored inlay to the incisions.


Intaglio – A printmaking process in which an image is created from ink held in the incised or bitten areas of a metal plate, below the surface plane. Engraving, etching, mezzotint, and aquatint are examples of the intaglio process.


Intrusive – Igneous rock formed by the cooling of magma inside the earth’s crust.


Ionic – Of the architectural orders, the Ionic column is recognized by its scrolling capital.

Iridized Glass

Iridized Glass – Flat or blown glass sprayed with a vapor deposit of metal oxides for an iridescent finish. The iridized layer, which resembles an oil slick, can be selectively removed for a two-tone effect.

Iris Print

Iris Print – The trademarked name for a digital print produced by an Iris Graphics inkjet printer.

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