Interior Design Glossary

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Obi – Wide sash word around the waist with a kimono.


Ogee – A pointed arch with a curve near the apex.

Oil Paint

Oil Paint – A paint in which natural oil-usually linseed-is the medium that binds the pigments.


Oolite- The small round particles which make up a sedimentary rock. On mass they look just like fish eggs.

Open Competitive Selection

Open Competitive Selection – When clients such as government agencies advertise impending bids so that anyone interested in the project who meets qualifications may submit a bid.

Open Grain

Open Grain – A wood grain where the annual growth rings are pronounced and there is an obvious difference between the pore size of springwood and summerwood. Oak and ash and examples of open-grained wood.

Open Specification

Open Specification – A bid specification written in such a way as to allow multiple numbers of products for the item being required.


Opencast – The method of mining near the surface, by cutting into it from above rather than digging underground.


Orders – Columns influenced by the Greeks and Romans are placed into specific orders, such as Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Composite, and Tuscan.


Oriel – A bay window supported by corbels or brackets. Normally found on the second story of a home.


Origami – Art of folding paper to form figures and objects.


Overburden – The unusable rock and matter lying over the stone to be quarried.


Overflow – A pipe in bathtubs and lavatories used to prevent flooding. The pipe is located just below the rim or top edge of these fixtures.

Overlay Door

Overlay Door – The door is on the outside of the frame and, when closed, the door hides the frame from the view.

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