Interior Design Glossary

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Half-timbered – A method of construction that uses timber frames (post and beam) for internal and external walls. Brick and plaster are normally used to fill the gaps between timbers.

Hand-planned finish

Hand-planned finish – A distressing treatment by which a new floor or board is scraped with blades by hand to give an undulating and worn effect.


Hardwood – A botanical group of trees featuring board leaves. The term does not necessarily refer to the hardness of the species.


Hearth – The paved or tiled floor of a fireplace.


Heartwood – The wood that extends from the true center of the tree to the sapwood is referred to as heartwood. This wood is normally darker and more resistant to rot and decay than the sapwood.


Heterogeneous – Stone formed from several types of material.


Hibachi – An indoor brazier used to provide warmth, boil water for tea, or warm sake. It is made in a variety of sizes and materials, especially wood and ceramic, and is filled with sand and ash. Charcoal is arranged in the center under a trivet, which supports a kettle.

High-Intensity Discharge

High-Intensity Discharge – Produce light by passing an electric current through a gas or vapor under high pressure.


Homogeneous – Stone formed from just one material.


Hood – The canopy overhanging a fireplace to increase the draft.


Hue – The pure state of any color.

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