Interior Design Glossary

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Rafter – One of the series of members designed to support roof loads.


Raku – The technique of rapidly firing low-temperature ceramic ware. Raku firings were used traditionally in Japan to make bowls for tea ceremonies.

Random Match

Random Match – A way to join veneer where no particular attention is paid to the color or grain of the material or the pattern in which it meets. Considered a rustic or casual look.

Relief Print

Relief Print – A process in which a print is produced from the relief carving on a metal plate or a wood or linoleum block.


Repousse – An ancient process in which sheet metal is hammered into contours from both the front and the back.

Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Design – Concerned with the panning and/or specifying of interior materials and products used in private residences.

Reverse Painting

Reverse Painting – A technique where paint is applied to the back side of the surface (typically glass) and viewed through the front. This process requires the painting to be done in reverse order; what appears closest to the viewer, as a detail or highlight must be painted first rather than last. Any lettering must likewise be painted in the mirror image4 so it will appear right facing when viewed from the front.


Rhythm – Is the repetition of elements in a regular patter.

Ribbon Window

Ribbon Window – A continuous band of windows.


Riftsawn – Wood that haws been cut so that growth rings are at an angle of 30 to 60 degrees to the board face.

Ring Porous

Ring Porous – Hardwood that shows a distinct zone between early and late wood, such as oak and ash.


Riser – The vertical board that spans that space between the stairs treads.


Rock – Any natural material formed of a single mineral or various minerals.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades – Pull up with a cord into accordion folds.


Rosette – A decorative element featuring a floral design often used with a plinth and fluted molding in Victorian architecture.


Rug – A soft floor covering laid on the floor but not fastened to it. It does not cover the entire floor.

Rumford fireplace

Rumford fireplace – A fireplace specially constructed to maximize heat output and minimizes smoke problems.

Running Match

Running Match – A veneer method in which each face is complied from as many veneer leaves as needed, resulting in one of the most affordable veneers, with a varied and unequal appearance.

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