Interior Design Glossary

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Wainscoting – Wood panels or boards that cover the lower portion of a wall, often capped with molding.


Walk-Through – A final inspection of the job to be sure that everything ordered is present, and that any omissions or damaged goods are noted.


Wallpaper – Is available in a range of colors, patterns, textures, and materials for direct application to plaster or gypsum wallboard partitions.


Watercolor – Watercolor paints are made with pigments dispersed in gum arabic and are characterized by luminous transparency.

Wattle and daub

Wattle and daub – Woven sticks smeared with clay to fill the spaces between the posts and beams of half-timbered homes.


Weaving – Is the traditional method of making carpet by interlacing warp and weft yarns.


Whiteware – A generic term for white clay bodies.


Woodcut – A relief printing process in which a picture or design is cut in relief along the grain of a wood block.

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